Your Birth Photographer

Bri Koop

I know that in hiring me to capture your birth you are inviting me to witness you at your most vulnerable, so here I am at mine. My husband took this portrait of me less than an hour before our youngest was born, at the tail end of a contraction, in the throes of transition.

At the time I felt overwhelmed by pain and the enormity of the task of bringing our last child into this world, but looking at this image now I see power and strength and I am in awe of what our bodies are capable.

In addition to birthing four babies of my own, I have over 5 years of experience documenting the birth stories of other families. My obsession with preserving these moments before, during, and after birth began in 2013 when those moments suddenly became all we had to remember of our firstborn son. Since then I have captured the birth stories of dozens of new little lives and I am honoured each and every time a family invites me into this most sacred of spaces.

This job is an honour and a privilege.